Pacer GoKarts

We started building go karts in 1975 because we operated 26 go kart tracks and the karts at that time only lasted about a year. Although inexpensive to buy, replacing two hundred karts a year was just not practical. In contrast, many Pacer go karts produced in 1979 are still in operation!

Being the only company to re-evaluate every model every year for potential improvements, Pacer go karts have over 28 years of constant refinement. Utilizing modern technology, today's Millennium frames use laser cut and computer bent structural plate steel to further strengthen and lighten them. In addition to improving the frame, this also allowed us to make it easier to maintain (the quick change drive system) and make the frame more versatile (fits several applications and body styles).

However, it takes more than a great frame to make a great commercial go kart. It takes great looks and top-end performance. That is why we have such a wide variety of go karts in our model line, to meet specific needs, such as slick go kart tracks, road course tracks, rookie tracks, kiddy tracks, and a variety of adult oriented tracks. Each one of these gives you not only a different visual experience, but a different driving experience so that when you have multiple tracks at one location, each has its own unique ride and look. This gives the operator something for everyone.

We listen to our customers. They have run millions of rides over the years, and have constantly given us suggestions and updates to go with our own operational experience for ways to improve the products and services we offer. One thing is always true with a Pacer go kart - not only are they better than every other competitor's karts on the market, they are better than last year's Pacer go karts as well.

For your company's best chance of success, choose Amusement Products and one of our fine models of Pacer go karts.